Project: PubSVN - Using PubSVN Subversion Repositories

First Time Users

First time users? Read the docs on SVN and read more about the community server.

Please, you must have or still should read; Version Control with Subversion, a free book about Subversion.

Read Only Access

Anonymous read only access is granted to everyone! You may use this access to checkout or export source code from PubSVN

Requesting Commit Access

If you are a eZ publish developer who would like to have write/commit access to resources in this repository, please email both pb [at] ez [dot] no and kc [at] ez [dot] no

Supporting Software

If you use Windows, download and install the svn gui client software TortiseSVN.

If you use another operating system, you may use any one of many popular svn clients as documented in the SVN docs.


Error while performing action: MKACTIVITY

Error while performing action: MKACTIVITY of '/community/!svn/act/1c900356-aa57-fa44-b61f-61bffc9a4fa7': 400 Bad Request

If you get this error, then you're probably behind a proxy which does not support all needed HTTP methods Subversion uses. The the Subversion FAQ mentions how to solve this.

Additional Resources