Project: PubSVN



The pubsvn server hosts 3 important subversion repositories:

  • A read-only mirror of the eZ publish nextgen repository
  • The read-only community supported extension repository for eZ publish 3 software.
  • The discontinued; read-onlycommunity supported 'eZ publish 3.x' port to PHP 5.x+


If you are a eZ publish developer who would like to have write access to this repository.
Please email both pborgerm [at] sckcen [dot] be and kcoomans [at] sckcen [dot] be


PubSVN was proudly hosted with SCK CEN and maintained by SCK CEN staff.

Current active developers


PubSVN supports a number of public projects.

Community Documentation

PubSVN hosts eZpedia, the eZ publish community supported documentation project.

PubSVN hosts doxygen api source code documentation regularly built from eZ publish subversion trunk.

Subversion Repository Hosting

eZ publish nextgen

The nextgen repository holds the 3.x series of eZ publish subversion repositories. It is mirrored on pubsvn with an rsync script.

'eZ publish 3.x' port to PHP 5.x+

The community supported repository of the eZ publish 3.x port to PHP 5.x+

Community repository

The community repository holds the community developed extensions, improvements and patches for the eZ publish 3.x series.

The svn repository structure is similar as for the eZ publish code base with trunk and stable branches.

The main entry points are normally directories below extension with new modules, template operators, data types and designs.

Furthermore, the update directories hold patches (and collections) against the stable and trunk development trees.