eZ Publish 4


  • Cache: You must use the new cache clearing script, 'bin/php/ezcache.php' to clear cache in eZ Publish (separate from autoload cache entirely)
  • Cache: You must now (almost constantly) regenerate autoload cache when adding or changing the php class contents of extensions with the ez php cli shell script 'bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php' and not the admin module view controls (as these only reload the admin siteaccess enabled extensions within the autoloads which breaks all your user siteaccess extension dependencies, it's a nasty negative feature)
  • Workflow: The workflow system internals changed key variable names which means custom workflow events must be changed to mstch the new required style in eZ Publish 4.0 (Consider reviewing existing default kernel workflow events for examples of these changes)

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