Project: ezauthorize


eZ Authorize is a true eZ publish payment gateway extension
that provides transparent, secure credit card payment processing
using the Authorize.Net service.


eZ Authorize provides a complete and secure payment gatway
extension for eZ publish 3; the first public release of it's kind and
quality documentation.


We are are working to aid existing and new North American / United States
eZ publish ecommerce customers use eZ publish to power their
ecommerce solutions, getting them online both quickly and efficiently.


Customers need seamless payment solutions for their eZ publish store,
keeping the customer on their application server through the entire
payment and checkout process (re: avoiding Paypal like, site redirects)
which eZ Authorize provides a complete secure solution for users of


You can download the ezauthorize extension from it's contribution page at


You can also check it out directly from the community subversion repository hosted on

The latest release (v1.3.0) is also available via a single compressed package.

You can always obtain the latest version via svn:


You can find all the eZ Authorize documentation in the doc/ subdirectory of the extension.


Details on installing eZ Authorize located in the file doc/INSTALL.

Tutorial | Installation and Configuration of Payment Gateways

Details and an example installation step by step for eZ Authorize


Brookins Consulting presented 'eZ publish payment gateways' on 2006/10/18 in Vienna, Va USA during the eZ publish training day part of the 1st North American eZ partner meeting!

The presentation 'eZ publish payment gateways' is available in the following formats Open Office, PDF, PPT


In order to use this extension without any problems, you should meet the following requirements.

eZ publish

This extension should work on the following versions of eZ publish:

  • 3.6.x
  • 3.7.x
  • 3.8.x

(Browser Support) Supported user agents

You'll need a user agent that supports https/ssl+javascript.


ezauthorize is copyright © 2005-2006 Brookins Consulting and is distributed under the GNU LGPL.

It was written by Brookins Consulting.

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