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About Me:

I come from China and live in China. David Adam is my English Name. :)

  • Date of Birth: 1979-02-14
  • Home Town: Xiangtan, Hunan, Provence - Do you know the first Communist Leader of China, Mao? This is where he came from.
  • Employer: Bysofts Since 2008

I am interested in many things, including philosophy, sociology and economics.I am also a Zend Ceritified PHP5 engineer and Certified eZ Publish Developer. ^_^

What I want to do:

I can translate articles in English into Chinese, write articles in English and Chinese, and perhaps share some extensions from our own projects.

Show your appreciation:

If you want to show your appreciation for the things I help you with ...


Then please think about doing something back:

  • Correct the mistakes I made in some articles or comments. :)
  • Support our work, fund development and documentation which meets your own unique needs.
  • Share your own extensions as free software
  • Support organizations that support free up control of media and information in China. Pro liberty.

Free your mind and spread freedom.


Thank you!


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