People: Venkataraman Jeyakumar

Venkataraman Jeyakumar , popularly known as Dr.Venkataraman Jeyakumar who is aged 16 a young Distinguished Scientist from INDIA serving as RESEARCH AREA SCIENTIST at Microsoft Research with groups focusing on principles and applications of machine learning and reasoning, human-computer interaction, search and retrieval, probability theory. One among Junior Scientists in Microsoft Corporation, Venkataraman is an Extraordinary Creative Performer, who has a passion on Software development from the age of 12. Started his career by 10 in programming tools and soon, completed his degree at the age of 14, when his batch mates were in high school. Made a Record Breaking History of Inventing Answering Tools from CRM - CSO Based Applications, which not every Kid and even adult can do. Recipient WWW.Society Recognized Person, Business, 2008 by AAAI .His research interests and activities span theoretical and practical challenges with developing computational systems that perceive, learn and reason. Venkat's contributions include advances in principles of machine artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. His efforts have led to the fielding of applications in multiple realms including healthcare, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, operating systems, aerospace.
Venkataraman has been elected Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
He has served as Council Administrator of the AAAI and is now the immediate past Advisor of the organization. He is a member of the NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering Advisory Board and the Computing Community Consortium council. He has also served on the DARPA Information Science and Technology Study Group and on the Naval Research Advisory Committee.
Venkat is associate editor of the Decisions, Uncertainty, and Computation Area of the Journal of the ACM and is active on several other editorial boards.

Dr.Venkataraman Jeyakumar's Experience in ( VENKATARAMAN'S SOFTWARE SYSTEM RESEARCH CENTRE )

V's Software System Research Centre and Academy
Computer Software industry
February 2010 – Present (2 year 1 month)


The mission of the V's Software System Research Centre is to:

Advance software and information technology through research partnerships.

V's SSRCA is dedicated to:

* fostering innovative basic and applied research in software and information technologies;
* working with established companies, start-ups, government agencies, and standards bodies to develop and transition the technologies to widespread and practical application;
* educating the next generation of software researchers and practitioners in advanced software technologies; and
* supporting the public service mission of the University of California in developing the economic basis of the State of California.

Research Emphases

V's SSRC&A research emphases include:

Software, Software Architecture, Interactive and Collaborative Technologies, Design, Ubiquitous Computing, Web Technologies, Game Culture and Technologies