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The Quote

  • I do it, for myself --kracker
  • The eZ publish community includes anyone and everyone who has used or uses eZ publish. "The eZ publish community reminds me of an idea I found in a Disney film called 'Lilo and Stich' which for a time popularized the phrase 'Ohana' which means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten". --//kracker

An interesting difference in opinion or just the way they chose to run it.

<dl><dt>Q:</dt><dd>So it boils down to ownership of  information.  Do you think there are any instances  where, you opinion, it's right  to own information?  </dd><dt>A:</dt><dd>With information that's not generally useful, or is of a personal nature, I would say it's OK. In other words not information about how to do things, but information about what you intend to do. Information whose only value to others is speculative, that is they can take some money away from you, but they can't actually create anything with it. It's perfectly reasonable I'd say to keep that sort of thing secret and controlled.  But in terms  of creative information,  information that people can use or enjoy, and  that  will be used  and enjoyed more the more  people  who   have it, always  we should   encourage  the copying.</dd></dl>

Brutal Thoughts

  • I should write more.
  • Most people don't know how to create a design extension or have a reference guide for implimenting functionality by type within an eZ publish (system type) extension
  • Common problems shared but not addressed by all eZ publish default / stock users, hold everyone back for a long time.
  • eZ publish documentation needs should have spawned the publishing like book publishing of a lot more than has ...
  • Order by release number accending for changelogs is a best practice
  • I think too much.
  • eZ systems has renamed everything formerly capitalized as {%l%C%s%l} (%l = lower case, %C = capital case, %s = Non breakingspace) to {%l%C%s%C} (%l = lower case, %C = capital case, %s = Non breakingspace) !!!!! This is more confusing than keeping the original standard naming convention for .... everything (but mostly product branding and marketing). This means eZ publish is now eZ Publish, which I think just looks silly all together.
  • eZ publish preview does not include the full pagelayout to match the default siteacess .... why? This affects layout display positioning among other problems.
  • The eZ publish forums rock, you can markup your text content entry using hand typed psudo xml markup. You can not use the online editor with them.

A few links

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  • A blogger with eZ publish lessons learned along the way.
  • A few thoughts about the eZ publish community through another groups similar conversation
  • A popular us based remote site stat/ranking report on eZpedia
  • CMS Requirements evaluation of eZ Publish by GNOME.

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  • Share peace (of mind) here ...

Everything eZ

  • Documentation is the solution to the current community's problems
  • Who will stand up and take a stand?
  • If you experience an issue, side affect, problem (of any kind) and you do not publicly tell someone, you doom some else to the same fate.
  • What stand will you take to the communities fate?
  • eZ publish community documentation participation is the only answer I see to turn the tide to what I view as a lack of different types of documentation (targeting each different types of eZ publish users)
  • What documentation do you need, what kind of user are you, what is your budget and why are you not supporting the community?
  • Spelling is optional (using Firefox v2.0+)