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Warning, most of this text is very old and very day dreamy .... strike out items as needed.


  1. eZ publish Training Material
    • eZ publish Training Lessons
    • eZ publish Training Videos, Pickup where we ( left off ...
    • eZ publish Training Articles


  1. Searching for eZ publish Solutions, An article about using advanced google searches, (site,doc,forum,community) searching techniques when looking through others past ideas, suggestions, solutions.


  1. eZ publish Community, Events, Developers Picture Link List (Forum/Wiki Article)


  1. eZ publish : Bounty Project : Community contributes to fund the creation of desired missing eZ publish functionality. (Examples)
  2. eZ publish : Short URL Extension + Community Hosted Installation (through pubsvn) - Provides eZ publish url translation support for abreviated urls within eZ publish (*by default*, no interaction needed)
  3. eZ publish : the external build : Community supported custom build of eZ publish svntrunk, extra tools, sane templates, configured to be functional out of the box, 100% compatible with builds and much more ... see: eZ publish (Community Edition) Roadmap : A build of eZ publish svn (stable/trunk) which includes the most popular and usefull additions from the community.
  4. eZ publish : Integration with phpBB (see Related threads), Overriding eZ User Functions
  5. Creation of Re: eZ publish : node counter eZ template operator, Operator Guide, Extension Introduction, Advanced Counter Features
  6. Creation of user created contribution Rating (submit to for use on the site) (Re: Impimentation of Luke’s eZArticleRating)
  7. Admin / Online Editor / xmleditor : Admin extention to provide dynamic custom tag management (enabled|disabled|edit|add) screens to add/edit custom tag template.
  8. Extention : RSS Feed (v2+) PowerPack ( Advanced, Import (w/cronschedualing), Export (again&), Per Content Object / Node ... ) Feeds For Forums (#1), Avanced Import (Syndication Sites), Contribution Feed....System...
  9. (Implimentation/tpl/etc) User : Hiding Semi Light Blue Transparent / Gradiant Bg Container + White Inner Container (design) for collapsable / hidden div icon/to/ 1/5th of the right hand side absolute with js scroll of large list of names, br tag, location ... user bookmarks ( ez projects (dev project implimentation for, ez contacts ( part of ez directory ), live js/soap/ im system ( the best of all text communites, lots of views ( views are the hangouts, user selects the ones they like, as preferences. ... live help system ...
  10. prototype the extra forums views, build a test bed of data ... Lorum Ipsum Content Generator.
  11. eZ publish (cross-platform; free software) gui class builder ... ( strong developer product + editor + active session development tool (tracing, breakpoints, ...) )
  12. eZ publish package repository framework (multi repository, primaries + user defined / community ), host packages, manage (add,edit,delete,...) | (client / client / server), user / admin login / request for permissions, (add/edit/etc) package repositories .... host packages, assess, handle package dependancies (don’t exist in eZ pkg? methods?), mirrors ( 1 - 3 + users ), checkUpdate (gets repository subversion and compares against the last / current / cached subversion (+plus date), if outdated, check preference (no prompt) or prompt user to get Packages, getPackageHeaders(), getPackage(), getPackages(), getNewPackages(), installedPackages, currentPackages, uninstallPackage, updatePackage, updateAllPackage(), updatePackages(), (save package as file / pkg / expand / open), check dependanciees, resolve dependancies, install package


  1. eZ publish could really use a rich knowlege base application with user controled / preferences sorting preferences / order / views .. rating/print/pdf/tip/comment/forum?


  1. eZ publish : forum : templates - Updated eZ publish forum functionality + templates to provide common forums functionality inside of eZ publish directly.
  • Beter forum searching (ezsearch)
  • Beter forum user options
  1. Disable Toggles: Avitar/Picture, Signature, Posted Name / Company Name (Toggle)
  2. Search / List a specific Users posts ( i want to see all of kracker’s posts in a list )
  • Forum Soft Sorting (Sticky), Dynamicly Shift Sort / Display Order (3 levels), By Date Posted, Date Updated, Most Active, Least Active, ...
  • Expanded Forum Views
  1. Per Category (Latest Messages (user configurable thread limit 5 - 50) )
  2. Root Category (Latest Messages (user configurable thread limit 5 - 50) )
  3. Per Thread (User Thread Display limit (currently static) (10 - 25 Replys),
  4. Deep linking to a specific post in a 2 - 5 page thread does not link to the last page w/ to the post.
  5. Per Thread / Per Reply Title Should be a href link without style to be bookmarkable directly (currently it’s not)
  • ummm ... make them beter!
  1. Thread View : Footer : Random Faq (Help users get femiliar with commonly used eZ publish solutions)
  2. I wrote a lot of ideas accidentaly into this general eZ publish thread on


  1. Customize the ezpedia design and colors.
  2. Convert 3 - 5 designs from oswd static html into eZ publish site designs. Release designs to community in ezpkg format.
Your life as everyone\'s file 13
  1. eZ Forum User Features
  2. View: Gallery of Users Forum Avetar Icons Uploaded ( i\’ve updated well over 50, and i know they are still in the system, but de referenced, i want to view them and be able to use them again as my forum user avetar icon)
  3. Feature: Rotate Forum Avetar Icon (Randomly/Order) from user avetar icon)
  4. Search documentation directly from your browser
  1. intranet: forum : view : ebay aproch to watch active converstation.
  2. use case: browse forums as normal only difference is you can eith checkbox select or click (link) select forum categories ( yes you can add either categories or topics (mostly topics as there are only few categories currently)
  3. selecting and submiting a watchlist select ion stores the selection and redirects to the user\’s watchlist / dashboard which they have a larger set of display customization options for both viewing new topics, outdated, dead, active threads in a category (controll type + threshold/limit)
  4. display forum view count per message, display image rank 100% of most popular / active forum categories / threads (long list?)
  5. external views vs changing existing forum views ....hrm
  1. eZ publish Developoment Best Practices
    1. Develop with SVN, Release with Stable
  2. Use svn as it has development / managment tools not available with eZ publish stable zip releases / builds.
  1. Managing a production, beta, dev, alpha and post (development) environment and just how to move a new application / site out through alpha to dev to beta to production, ( and after first release ...) move the eZ publish application\’s database, var/ dir, settings/, design/, extentions/, packages, etc... (to retain the revised production runtime configuration (as tested and tweaked for optimium performance) in the next dev release out on it\’s way to production...
  2. Return to Development (From Beta/Production/Post (w/descriptions)
    1. Alpha : Staging Server (open directory listing for quick dev / statick / basic proto)
  3. Dev : Primary Development Server (All VirtualHosts + Admins)
  4. Beta : Primary Beta Application Server (All VirtualHosts + Admins) :
      1. Resource for Developers to release the application for build and installation into a separate staging server (/resource) for clients to review, test, experiment, aprove todate / total application revisions and their release / schedual for the downtime window\’s release of the application.
    1. Production : The Primary Production Server (Preferably a 1 - 3 httpd server pool, nas, + postgress db server pool)
  5. Post : The Secondary FallBack Server ( keeps a hot running standby of the revisions depricated by production releases (automated moves), this data is for emergency / just in case / security backsups, not really needed or wanted untill something really bad happens to the production var/ or db resources)
  6. Client Task / Request Managment Systems + Dashboard ( to direct clients to their managed resources, production-web, production-admin, beta-web, beta-admin, (for devs too for pm managment), websvn/viewscvs commit history, release history (per production release)

eZ Tips

  • mysqldump performance tip, enable extra mysqldump options to reduce the time it takes to backup large databases into tar.gz backup files with one command. References: #1, AutoMysqlBackup, #3, #4
  • (class builder / ezpkg) If your like me, you dislike creating large complex class\’s inside the cumbersome and slow eZ publish admin class builder. I suggest trying to create a class definition file by hand by creating a class-definition.xml file and package xml file entries and packaging up an ez package of your hand-created eZ publish class and installing it into your eZ publish installation for testing and use.
  • Template operator wizard


  1. eZ counter : eZ publish Counter Project : (like the registered linux users project), Users sign up for an account to prove their worth as an eZ publish user. Features: Member Since, eZ Versions, Member Type (Avocate, User, Personal, Developer, Business, Consultant, Etc), Installation Count, etc ...
  2. List of most useful eZ publish : : contributions + implementation notes.
  3. Introduction to eZ publish 3 : The Lost Beginners Book, Created for newbies : Created by the community : GNU FDL Content et ala, style
  4. eZ publish : T-Shirts : Cool Shirts, Promotional Junkets, Community ‘Pride’
  5. Start an eZ publish user group, have your user group listed on
  6. References: Details on how to connect to #ezpublish irc channel. #1, #1
  7. Promote eZ publish irc : #ezpublish

eZ today

Hello, world. i’m quietly pine’ing for the return of my blog on blog(s). temp section branding download(s) to core ...

I should be sleeping ... the tv won’t do it anymore ...

Things no one else has addressed (yet has been drop’d):

  1. Apache Access / Error Log Analyser / Staticics Package : With Extensability to store log information into rolling log stats database ... per application ... with interoperablity to provide statistics information to other software constructs ie: back into eZ publish for stats template programing and dispaly. Requires: Existing Apache Log + Stats Platform + With Extensablity + eZ publish : eZ statistics / eZ apache logs / eZ httpdobjectstatistics
  2. eZ publish 3 extention : shop : customers who purchased $item also purchased $item(s) tpl container. see bottom
  3. eZ publish extention : ircbot : wrapper for irc bot : a flexible solution to irc conversations / logs / entries into eZ publish. eZ irc log? Ref: eZ publish : irc agent
  4. An xul/firefox extention to providing a replacement (inc, removal) of add bookmark with blog bookmark to preselected profile / selectable profile blogs (i have several), bottom line: the browser adds content to my blog’s incoming category pending my review / commenting / re categorizing / publishing. I bookmark to a webapp thats can be / has views with blog / deep tree hiegheracical trees. the bookmarks themselves are not bookmarks but bookmark objects instantiated on behalf of the client browsers triggers instead of a traditional web app ui, with the thinking. what i consume online is what i would write about, ie i want to write when i’m not in front of my blog webapp ui, in fact it usualy makes it harder to throw out subjects and come back to add to the bookmark ....