Minutes: eZpedia - Meeting Minutes - 2006/11/04

Meeting Minutes


Date: 2006/11/04 @ 08:48:50 - 09:43:11 (20:07:47)

Description: eZ publish community ( eZpedia / pubsvn.ez.no ) documentation wiki solution - meeting notes

Participants: Kristof and Graham


- Wiki is open to public user registration and editing!
- Development plans are forming for the next 60 days and beyond
- Community Members will represent the group driving development and direction of the Wiki
- All of the wiki solution will be quickly made available via pubsvn subversion repositories (design, code and database content)
- Community Discussions regarding the wiki solution will be available on ez.no/community/forums



- Kristof is quite busy with other projects at the moment.
- Kristof seeks to make arrangements regarding the community wiki
- Kristof remarks there's still some work to do on the wiki solution itself as a whole.
- Kristof notes there are some improvements in eZ 3.9 which will be of great benefit for the wiki, like the automated object relations from the ezxml attributes for embed and link tags.

Opening wiki for user registration

- Paul and Kristof are giving everyone the opportunity to share your documentation and to collaborate using the wiki
- Graham says 'that's great news
- Graham comments, those in the 'how do i contribute documentation' thread in the forums will be pleased to hear of the opening of the wiki's registration.
- Graham comments, I see this becoming popular with folks looking to build community documentation as a way to avoid asking others for support or repeated support of reoccurring reproducible requests of similar subjects.
- Graham comments, I just see a real value in banking on the average small time eZ publish users contributing to better documentation for themselves and for others.
- Graham comments, The commoditization of these contributions over the long life of all things eZ, re: value and opportunity.
- Graham comments, Better documentation, ... linking to solutions rather than duplicate them.
- Graham comments, It also puts an end to eZ holds the community back in documentation comments made by newbies

Engaging the community for contributions

- Kristof will make publicly available the wiki design
- Kristof will create a thread on ez.no forums to discuss these efforts and publicly open user registration of the pubsvn wiki to the public.
- Kristof will post an invitation (to users) on the forum topic.
- Kristof will remain responsible for the set up on the pubsvn server.
- Kristof will upgrade the wiki to 3.9 when it's stable
- Kristof asks 'Do you have some sight on how to continue?'
- Kristof is too busy with other stuff but would really like to see this evolve too
- Kristof says, … I can't decide everything myself and I don't want to do that, would like a democratic wiki development :-)
- Graham agrees
- Graham comments, if one is too busy, another should rise to continue the work ...

Sharing the solution, keeping the commons

- Graham comments, If we don't share it all, I fear it will continue to stagnate ...
- Kristof says, every part of the wiki solution has to be available freely.
- Graham thinks the whole solution should be placed in a subversion repository via pubsvn. Including the design, base code additions / modification to eZ publish, settings and database dump. Share all the wiki solution, make all available for download, development, documentation mirrors and return changes.
- Kristof says, you can help with the configuration if you want … I can put that in svn too … no problem at all
- Kristof says, we can make a wiki article to document the set up … so everyone can set it up to test … and suggest improvements
- Graham grins and says, If you do I'll use it
- Graham says, In this way those who might step up and contribute if all the pieces are available for experimentation which we can encourage to return their improvements back to the 'board'.
- Graham says, As for the database, I too think this should be shared.
- Kristof already has as solution for this to export a db for external usage including documentation on the steps involved.
- Kristof suggests the creation of a script to easily provide mirror sites data exports.
- Graham says, With these key pieces to the project available I think it turns the tide in everyone's favor.

Community Board

- Kristof suggests a board of community members to manage the solution's development and direction.
- Kristof says, (the name of the wiki / docs) … that's something we should decide with the board
- Graham says, I'm all for democracy until it results in non-action, then I tend to take action :\
- Kristof will make available all parts of it (design) trough a svn repository on which the community members on 'the board' will have write access. The design is what I'm really going to make work … I expect it to be available in it's current form next Monday.
- Graham says, those who wish to contribute to the development of the wiki solution behind the scene should put there name in the wiki and contact Kristof via email.
- Graham comments, regardless of the backend development, content creation will continue as determined by user interest


- Kristof says, registrations are open now (pubsvn.ez.no/wiki)!
- Graham says, Thank you for opening up registrations
- Kristof wants to involve Sandro Groganz, Xavier Dutoit, Paul Forsyth on the conversation and will mail them.
- Graham will add new content nodes to the wiki during his testing.


- Graham wished he'd asked if selected imports of 3.4 content at a later time could be considered and estimated :(