Minutes: eZpedia board meeting 1

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The first online eZpedia board meeting is scheduled at Tuesday the 29th of November 2006, 6:00 PM GMT.

People invited

Currently Graham Brookins, Kristof Coomans, Paul Borgermans, Paul Forsyth and Xavier Dutoit have been invited.


Kristof supposed that all invited people would have seen this wiki article, but unfortunately they didn't. Therefor the meeting did not have an official agenda. This is the agenda that was initially proposed:

  1. wiki framework
    1. general content structure: namespace, article, discussion forum, user
    2. linking content
    3. tracking changes
      1. history
      2. RSS feeds
    4. installation
    5. mirroring
  2. content
    1. definition of needed namespaces and their intended usage
    2. editor guidelines
    3. reviewer guidelines
    4. translator guidelines
    5. languages
      1. french translation - we already have one volunteer!
    6. license
  3. collaboration with eZ systems
    1. promotion on ez.no
    2. gradual incorporation of eZpedia docs into doc.ez.no
    3. cross-linking
    4. list of eZ systems documentation priorities
    5. import of eZ publish 3.4 old documentation content
  4. division of responsibilities and tasks



Present: Kristof Coomans, Paul Borgermans, Paul Forsyth and Xavier Dutoit

Absent: Graham Brookins (excused afterwards)

Start: 6:05 PM GMT

End: 7:15 PM GMT


Import old documentation

eZpedia likes to import the old community documentation from ez.no. There are several ways to grab the content:

  • content object package export
  • wget (proposed by Paul Forsyth)

We decided to ask eZ systems for a content object package first. Kristof will contact Jennifer Zickerman, Manager of Knowledge Products.

Paul Forsyth mentions there are even older documentation sites: http://web.archive.org/web/20040330100631/http://ezwiki.blanko.info/.

Collaboration with eZ systems

We talked about a possible collaboration with eZ systems. Kristof has send some ideas to eZ systems.

  • promotion on ez.no
  • validation of eZpedia documentation by eZ systems

Jennifer Zickerman, Manager of Knowledge Products, replied.

  • All the community documentation projects will be listed somewhere at doc.ez.no, with prominence given to eZpedia. eZ systems wants to encourage eZpedia authors to cross-link between the existing eZ docs and the docs on eZpedia.
    They also will assist in cross-linking as much as they can. The community newsletters can mention new docs on eZpedia when there's an RSS feed available.
  • eZ systems does not have the resources to validate docs on eZpedia. However, they like to gradually incorporate material from eZpedia into doc.ez.no.

Xavier mentions that incorporating something from the community hasn't been eZ system's key strength so far.

Handling outdated documentation

Paul Borgermans notes that the old docs need careful review. We should explicitly mark them as being outdated:

  • "not dead, but smells funny" (Xavier)
  • "this doc sucks! it needs rejuvenated" (Paul Forsyth)

Paul Forsyth proposes to let a cron job send out spam mail to maintainers when docs are out of date.

eZ publish version info

Paul Forsyth asks if we will follow the eZ systems model of having seperate documentation for each new release. Kristof thinks this is not a good idea. What if a new major release contains features you're looking for? This can be an incentive to upgrade. Paul Borgermans adds that having seperate documentation for each release hides the changes between those releases.

Xavier proposes to add tags/keywords with an enhanced objectrelation attribute with version objects (3.5, .6...). If a page applies from 3.8 only, you tag it 3.8 and 3.9. For the few cases there are differences, you simply write it in the doc (as php does for instance). Having several enhanced object relation attributes allows you to use them as filters in a search form.

Kristof notes that you can keep adding attributes for certain criteria while these attributes are irrelevant for certain documentation pages. He rather likes to use ezxml, and the 3.9 enhanced object relations in ezxml (links and embeds). This way of working is similar to Wikipedia.

Xavier notes that having a specific attribute would put a focus on that specific criteria, as opposed to the ezxml embed and link tags. It's also easier to check 3.7 and 3.8 than to embed/link to the 3.7 and 3.8 page, unless you enhance the content/browse interface for this purpose.


Xavier is wondering if we can support some way of autolinking. Kristof replies that he has some ideas. Maybe it can be easily done by a workflow.