Help: Installation

Follow these instructions to install the eZ publish community documentation solution.

Manual installation

  • First perform a normal or manual installation of eZ publish. It's recommended to use the same version as eZpedia uses. See the " Powered by" footer at the bottom to know which version is currently in use.

Quick installation


The eZpedia Database

The eZpedia storage directory

You can download a tarball of the storage directory here. Put it in the directory var/plain_site.

The eZpedia Extension Dependencies

See "about this wiki" for a complete list, including the right versions.


The eZpedia subversion repository is divided intro different branches.

  • Currently only a trunk has been made, on which all new features will be added.
  • In the future another branch will be created for stable releases

The branches contain the following directories:

  • extension/wikidesign : eZ publish extension containing the eZpedia design, copy it to your eZ publish extension directory
  • sitestyles/design/wiki : site styles (themes) for the eZpedia design, copy it to your eZ publish design directory
  • bin/shell : a couple of scripts used on eZpedia

Configure Settings

Configure your public site accesses to use the wiki design.

In the directory extension/wikidesign/install you will find a file override.ini.append.php containing all necessary override rules.

  • cp -va extension/wikidesign/install/wiki.ini settings/siteaccess/ezwebin_site_user/
  • cp -va extension/wikidesign/install/override.ini.append.php settings/siteaccess/ezwebin_site_user/

Configure your public site accesses to use the default wiki theme.

Place these settings in design.ini.append.php of your public site accesses:


Load Database

Load the eZpedia mirror database data into your database. You may need to create a database and user first. Example: ezpedia_mirror

Be certain to backup and empty this database first as this sql will drop tables first. The eZpublish admin password is set in the sql to the default eZ publish admin password.

Install extensions and patches

  • wikidesign (eZpedia, Required)
  • For a more complete list of extensions and recommended patches please review the entry, this wiki.

Important: place the changelog extension after the wikidesign extension in site.ini.append.php [ExtensionSettings] ActiveExtensions[], otherwise the diff_changelog.tpl template will be loaded from the changelog extension instead of the wikidesign extension.

Complete settings

You can download a stripped version of eZpedia's settings here. Make sure you fill in the following settings according to your setup:




Replace "" with the url to your installation:



  1. Test your mirror's user and admin siteaccess.
  2. If you find a issue, please report it!
  3. If you have a suggestion, please share your thoughts!


  1. Wiki namespace classes are not displayed in the menu nor are their children (missing configuration setting)
  2. Wiki current instructions result in user siteaccess permision denied unless you login as user, anonymous role permission problem?

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