Learning: Guide to Doxygen in 5 Minutes

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Doxygen is used for inline source code documentation.

Doxygen inline source code documentation comments are required by eZ Publish Approved and Certified Extensions.


  \class BCGoogleAnalyticsOperators bcgoogleanalyticsoperators.php
  \brief Googole Analytics Operators class. These operators provide for simple operators which may be installed into templates to provide google analytics client side javascript dependancies needed to enable eZ Publish to report pageview and webshop order statistics. This class is used and provided by the bcgoogleanalytics extension
  \note Only the operators required to be installed into your pagelayout.tpl for page and order tracking are 'bc_ga_urchin', 'bc_ga_urchinHeader'. The rest of the dependancies are handled internaly.
class BCGoogleAnalyticsOperators
    // code...

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