Learning: Guide to becoming fluent in eZ


  • You desire to know this beast that is eZ
  • You don't know where to start
  • You know you must act

eZ publish is not intended for the faint of heart by any means. eZ publish is a challenge for many while for others it is a natural extension of one's own 'way' of solving complex software problems. eZ publish rewards people who stick to their studies in eZ publish, scale upwards in their ability to comprehend and develop withing complex software designs used in eZ publish.


  • eZ publish web site end user - Responsibility: n/a
  • eZ publish content editor - Responsibility: Installation content creation and modification
  • eZ publish administrator - Responsibility: Entire eZ system
  • eZ publish template developer - Responsibility: Extend and modify eZ templates to meet needs
  • eZ publish developer - Responsibility: Extend and modify eZ to meet unique needs
  • eZ publish server administrator - Responsibility: eZ dependencies, Apache/PHP/MySQL/OS/Network


  • Read as much as possible from the sea of information available on the subject of eZ
  • Learn to search for specific solutions or mentions
  • Learn eZ publish template language (tpl)
  • Read all the new, updated and all the issues reported on issues.ez.no, comment. encourage support for the issues which interest you. After a perioud of time shaddowing all the issues reported and discussed you might begin to be able to start fixing issues both privately or publicly.
  • Discuss and report issues, defects and bugs on ez.no
  • Contribute documentation on subjects you know
  • Learn to develop eZ publish solutions as extensions
  • Learn to kernel hack eZ successfully and how to create, use and apply patches to stock eZ kernel files
  • Test your ability to use the information you have learned effectively
  • Contribute source code examples, extensions and feature configurations back to the community


  • Master a general understanding of using eZ, configuration and implementation
  • Master an advanced understanding of all things eZ, ability to implement any functionality the eZ way


  • Complaining too quickly
  • Being unclear
  • Being unorganized
  • Ignoring the details

Looking Back

  • Leave a trail for another developer or user to follow via the forums, blogs and wiki
  • Summarize the problems, solutions, experiences and etc in howto style documentation in the wiki and in the forums