Solution: Limiting Payment Gateways by Product Content Class

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I am using the xrowecommerce extension from xrow and the paymentgateway directebanking which is written by all2e in order of us (wirverbindenwelten).

For a special shopmodification I need to have a paymentlimitaion by productclass.

This example is using a modified xrowecommerce extension.

in the paymentgateway event php I add the following to the execute function

$productPayment = $order->attribute( 'product_items' );

Also add the variable $productPayment to template through $process->Template['templateVars']

$process->Template['templateVars'] = array( 
  'event' => $event, 'product_gateway_limitation' => $productPayment 

After this I check my product class in the template file selectgateway.tpl

by looping the product items in my $productPayment array as needed.

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