Solution: Building eZ publish from svn

From: kracker

Surprised, I found it! I can’t believe I found it! :D !!! OK, so i’ll .... post it!

I had been talking yesterday about my modified set of ezpublish build from svn scripts and I stumbled upon them.

Warning: These are fairly old, incomplete and unmaintained.

Installing addons with a SVN-installation

From : SEAwolfx

The eZ publish Language Translation : ezlupdate

From : kracker & SEAwolfx

Description: ezlupdate compilation and installation, common problem experianced by user

Most users forget or need to relearn a few key steps in the installation of ezlupdate.

For example:

1) Many users forget to set the QTDIR in my environment on the shell ( readme )

The Include-directory for QT is taken from the shell environment, which could be set with: “export QTDIR=/usr/qt/3/include” before using the ./bin/ skript or before compiling manually.

2) Wrong Sever and Paths ...

SEAwolfx: do i have to set the paths to pubsvn instead to ... i think so?!

SEAwolfx: just look in to the bin/shell/

SEAwolfx: my vars:




SEAwolfx: wrong paths.

Further Topics:

* Building eZPublish from SVN-Sources (building_ezpublish_from_svn_sources_v1-3.txt)