Project: PHP5 port: problematic functions

The following classes and specific methods are problematic to convert to PHP 5. Decisions need to be made regarding their usage (static or not, but _not_ both):

  • eZDebug
  • eZSys
  • eZContentClass::fetchAttributes
  • eZContentObject::addContentObjectRelation
  • eZContentObject::removeContentObjectRelation
  • eZContentObjectTreeNode::subtree
  • eZContentObjectTreeNode::subtreeCount
  • eZUser::groups
  • eZUser::failedLoginAttempts
  • eZPHPCreator::variableText
  • eZWorkflow::fetchEvents
  • eZWorkflow::fetchEventCount

External resources

SDK-public mailinglist October 2006: search for "Some decisions to make for the PHP5 port"