Project: eZpedia - Quick installation

Setting up a clone of ezpedia is very complex process at the moment. I have compiled this installation procedure from my sessions over last couple of days, it works for me at the moment and hopefully is helpful to get others going until more streamlined method is made. Thanks for Kristof for providing original guide and for help on #ezpedia channel!


First, download the eZ publish version currently used by eZpedia.

See the " Powered by" footer at the bottom of primary site to know which version is currently in use and find download link on


Unpack the package into your web space and rename the directory to something unique. All further work will be within that directory.


Configure apache virtual host to newly created directory and verify it works, you should be greeted with first page of eZ publish installation wizard. You can proceed with the wizard to finetune environment or skip this step if environment is already verified to work with ez publish. Note that you may need to tweak paths of external programs like imagemagick etc. (FIXME: can someone verify it actually works without completing wizard?)

Apache configuration is highly site dependent and out of scope for this guide.

Download current ezpedia mysql database dump, create the database, set up access permissions and import the dump. Substitute your own database name and password below and write them up, they will be used in next steps.


Next we need to download number of extensions ezpedia uses. Most of them can be get easily from svn.


Some of extensions are not in svn and must be installed manually. Check their home pages for latest dowload link.

Google maps location.



At this point you have two options. If you choose to use the new design (you can see it on the test site ), then add the extension ezpediadesign as well. Make sure that it's in the ActiveExtensions setting before wikidesign, because it uses some other templates.


If you rather llike to use the current design used on, then download the ezpedia site style design files into site design directory.


Next we need to configure ini files. Luckily, basic configuration can be downloaded in one package.


Some settings must be modified manually accordingly to your database and site setup. Substitute your database name, database user name and password from database setup step above.

Required fields are listed below, you may want to read through these ini files and do additional modifications to your taste.

Google maps key can be generated on their signup page.

(FIXME: gmap call on user page does not seem to use key that is set here. Someone verify and fix.)



(FIXME: how to modify these? Short explanation needed. Commenting out all except english at moment.)



Next we need to add the storage files which are downloaded as one package.


At this point you should be done and the ezpedia front page should be loaded when you point your browser to its URL, in this example. If not, backtrace and verify your steps and ask for help on IRC (#ezpedia channel on freenode)