Project: eZpedia - Proposal for content categories

This is a proposal to add Mediawiki-style categorization to eZpedia. In Mediawiki, there is a facility to add content to categories and have a page automatically generated containing a list of all the articles of that particular category. For example: - on this page there is a list of subcategories and pages belonging to this category. This should be fairly easy to accomplish using Object Relations attributes in eZ.

Proposed Implementation

We can add an object relations attribute to the article class, which can then be used to choose which category or categories the article should belong to. There should be a way to add a new category as well if a suitable one doesn't already exist. These categories will be objects of a category class stored somewhere in the content tree. The view templates for the categories should be set up to show the objects reverse-related to the current category.

We can also add an object relations category to the category objects themselves, so that we can have subcategories - I think in this case we should have an object relations attribute for parent categories, and then children can be picked up using the reverse relations.

Does anything need to be done to take advantage of the Solr search service, or is there a better way to implement it using that?