Learning: Upgrading Notes



  • Backup the database!


  • Then, open Notepad and list your upgrade path, with every stop. You can then copy and paste out of Notepad onto the command line.
  • Pay particular attention to the scripts listed on each page (for example: upgrading from 3.3-5 to 3.4).
  • Some of the scripts don't run (due to version conflicts), and some are optional. Read the pages in the upgrade documentation carefully - or you'll have to do it over and over.
  • Take your time and be patient. The commands below are an example, you'll need to substitute your database access parameters as well as the siteaccess names.


Write a script! Commands will vary between different upgrade paths.


I upgraded from x.y.z to x.y.z and it went fairly smoothly.


Issues I did encounter



  • At this time, you should be able to use the admin console.
  • Go to Setup > Upgrade > and check the database consistency.
  • Manually run any SQL through the database engine.
  • Clearing the cache and updating the search index are important.