Learning: Managing and Cleaning Nice Urls


I have a user who deleted a page, then added a new one to replace it (with the same name). We have nice urls, and the former url was


. When he deleted that and added the new page, the new one’s URL is


Does anyone know how to affect this name, and how to change it back to the original? I suppose I could try to use a redirect, but it would be cleaner if we could just change the page somehow to give it a clean url.

I will make sure the user knows not to delete and re-add pages in the future!


I personaly have encountered this ‘sideaffect’ from moving / renaming like named objects.

The solution I have found was to ...

1. rename the object to something unique (totaly different)
2. then (again) rename the object to something unique (what i want it to be called)

I just had to make sure I wasn’t renaming the object to anything another object was named in the same container (folder).

Special thanks to participants: Mark Marsiglio, kracker