How to use toolbars to provide flexible, reusable template components which can be managed or configured via admin.


Screencast: Toolbar Managment on eZ publish administration to manage use toolbars using the toolbar management configurations.

The example uses eZ publish 3.4 as an example which is mostly applicable to the latest version of eZ publish.

Basics on understanding toolbar ini settings and how to use them

How to read the settings in the toolbar.ini as interpreted by eZ publish. Examples how to create two toolbars by hand.

Toolbars per siteaccess or globally

You depending on which ini file location your custom toolbar ini settings are placed determines how they are processed, in this order.

  • settings/siteaccess/plain_site_user/toolbar.ini.append.php
  • settings/siteaccess/plain_site_user/toolbar.ini.append
  • settings/override/toolbar.ini.append.php
  • settings/override/toolbar.ini.append
  • settings/toolbar.ini

I recommend placing most tool bars in your user site's siteacess settings directory.

Toolbar configuration settings

Example settings format key details

  • Toolbar container configuration settings
  • Toolbar configuration settings
  • Toolbar item configuration settings

I tend to group my toolbar and toolbar item configuration settings together in groups for simple management.

Create simple toolbar

Template, Settings, Warnings, Examples

Create template


Add container toolbar entry to parent template


Add container toolbar settings


Add container toolbar item settings


Testing ...

A note on variable scoping using includes vs toolbar settings parameters.

Creating simple toolbar item

You can use this contribution from Kristian Hole in order to have a template that explains how to create a simple toolbar item:

eZ rss feed

Managing existing toolbars via admin

Simple example + external references (Images)

External resources