GooZee is a custom (google) search engine portal offers simple searching of the entire eZ community.


If you use a search engine to find eZ related information, discussions and documentation you might find yourself using advanced search query techniques to find different classes of information.

For a long time the eZ publish community members would create tools to help others in the community make best use of all the available external search engine features to search quickly and effectively for related topics and subject matter.

Still, Meinhard Benn created a customized eZ related google search engine customized search portal to make the process of searching many different sources eZ related content across all of the google index of the internet without having to build advanced search queries through

This search service is called GooZee

Search engine details

Search eZ Systems related sites, primarily meant for developers and users of the eZ Publish content management system

GooZee searches 10 sites , including :,,,,

Search engine browser plugin

There is an opensearch browser plugin for GooZee

Web Shortcut for GooZee/KDE

Using KDE to create web shortcut for GooZee you can simply enter, f.ex. ez:operator in Konqueror or the "Run command" dialog to search for "operator" at GooZee. Put this file in <code>$HOME/.kde/share/services/searchproviders</code>

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