A very powerful plugin for the eclipse ide which is freely available. You can follow a the generic guide to Eclipse plugin installation and apply the same process to installing the Smile eZ Publish Eclipse Plugin.


  • TPL Syntax highlighting
  • Code generation for operator extensions
  • Browser for all content classes defined in eZ Publish.



Brief 'smileclasses' module extension installation process

  1. After successful installation of the extension in eclipse
  2. After successful installation of the smileclasses in eZ publish (normal way)

Within the Eclipse Desktop Application, navigate to the menu action item, " Window->Show View->Other->Smile eZ Publish->Classes View".

Which you then enter your own url to the testing url based on the following basic format as a reference. This may be different based on your own installation's configuration settings.

Upon entry of this url an xml response will be generated which will provide eclipse with the information needed to display a swell view of all your classes.


To get started getting the most out of eclipse and eZ publish ...

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