Custom Fetch

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The purpose of a custom fetch is to have an organized way to retrive data from a given data source. You mainly call a custom fetch function from templates.

The eZ Publish framework already provide a lot of different fetch functions out-of-the-box using the information extraction system.

You can also create your own custom fetch functions from within your own custom module extension.


The following example is based on the example given by Bruce Morrison on the forums.

File: extension/ourcustom/modules/ourcustom/function_definition.php


$FunctionList = array();
$FunctionList['CustomFetch'] = array( 'name' => 'customfetch',
                                                  'operation_types' => array( 'read' ),
                                                  'call_method' => array( 'include_file' => 'extension/ourcustom/modules/ourcustom/ourcustomfunctioncollection.php',
                                                  'class' => 'OurCustomFunctionCollection',
                                                  'method' => 'fetchCustomFetch' ),
                                                  'parameter_type' => 'standard',
                                                  'parameters' => array(
                                                    array( 'name'     => 'the',
                                                               'type'     => 'integer',
                                                                'required' => true,
                                                                'default'  => 1
                                                      array( 'name'     => 'params',
                                                                 'type'     => 'string',
                                                                 'required' => true,
                                                                 'default'  => ''

Please note that the values associated with the keys 'name', 'operation_types' and 'parameter_type' are not used anywhere by eZ Publish itself.

Since eZ Publish 4, the 'include_file' key of the 'call_method' array is deprecated and won't be used anymore. Instead, the module system relies on the PHP 5 autoload feature.

File: extension/ourcustom/modules/ourcustom/ourcustomfunctioncollection.php


class OurCustomFunctionCollection
 function OurCustomFunctionCollection()
 function &fetchCustomFetch( $some, $params )
   $result =& retrieve data here
   return array( 'result' => $result );


File: extension/ourcustom/settings/module.ini.append.php

<?php /* #?ini charset="utf-8"?


*/ ?>


This page of documentation clearly explains how to call and use fetch functions (custom or default) using the information extraction system.

{def $collection=fetch( ourcustom, customfetch, hash( the, params ) )}