API BC Breaks

eZ Publish 4



  • eZContentObject::fetchAttributesByIdentifier() doesn't accept any longer a string as 3rd argument, it needs to be an array now. See issue #13668.



  • The constructor of eZSOAPClient has a new parameter $useSSL, which defines the protocol to use: either http:// when $useSSL is false (default) or https:// when $useSSL is true. Previously, when the $port argument was 443, it was assumed automatically that https:// should be used. This is not longer the case in eZ Publish 4.0.1. In eZ Publish 4.0.2 however, this BC break will be fixed. For more background information, see issue #12267.


  • eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTree() and eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeCount() can not any longer be called statically, they are instance methods now. Use eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeByNodeID() and eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeCountByNodeID() instead.
  • eZContentObjectTreeNode::createPathConditionAndNotEqParentSQLStrings() does not have a 3rd argument $treeNode anymore. Use the 4th argument $nodeID instead to pass the ID of the tree node.
  • To register workflow event types, use eZWorkflowEventType::registerEventType() instead of eZWorkflowEventType::registerType().