Project: eZ ODF

Installation Dependencies

  • Error: "sh: command not found".

Commonly based this error in your reported error text informs you that you should add the program binary to your shell path and try executing the program again.

  • Error: "Set DISPLAY environment variable, use -display option or check permissions of your X-Server".

Often the problem is that the software requires open office to start and execute one of it's own conversion macros. This in turn requires the graphical X Window environment already installed, configured and running properly. It may not display a gui application window and refuse to start without one.

Possible Solutions

  • Install and run a standard X Window service on the server. Negatives: Consumes much more memory and and system resources. Positives: The simplest solution to setup and troubleshoot since you have a chance to see what is actually happening through the X Window gui screen.
  • Install and run a standard X Window service on a remote computer and set the shell environment variable, 'DISPLAY' on the eZ Publish server to direct the server's visual output to the remote machine. Advantages: This will naturally save on ram and system resources exausted while also introducing another dependency on one more server computer. Often depending on the networks involved this practice is discouraged in most non-LAN networks for performance reasons.
  • Install and run xvfb on the eZ Publish server (or the variant, xvnc). This saves on memory and introduces no external dependencies.