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eZ publish 3.9.1 RC1 released



Unofficial info

eZ publish 3.9.1 expected in about two weeks, containing a security fix ( bug #9942 )


Anouncing eZ publish 3.9.0 with the new Website Interface



RC2 released



Community newsletter 17/11/2006

release of 3.9.0 expected mid December


RC1 released



beta1 released



alpha1 released



Community newsletter 06/10/2006

finishing up implementation, included features are certain


Community newsletter 16/06/2006

updated feature request list


feature request list



We recommend to use the setup wizard to perform a new installation of eZ publish 3.9 when you want to use the new Website interface design, because there are some difficulties and inconsistencies with the manual installation procedure. The brave ones can always try to do a manual installation. Please read the 3.9 manual installation forum topic and add your experiences and good advice to it.


Follow the upgrade instructions at ez.no. Carefully read the comments too! They contain some important remarks!

Because of bug #9873 and bug #9952 we recommend you to wait for eZ publish 3.9.1 to upgrade existing sites.

Using old site packages

The site packages used in versions prior to eZ publish 3.9 still can be used for eZ publish 3.9. If you want to use the old site packages instead of the new ones, then add the following settings to settings/override/package.ini.append.php before you start the setup wizard:


New features

Most new features are described in the 3.9 feature docs.

Website interface extension

There's a new site package called Website interface. It is possible to override the default website interface.

Class and template editing are disabled by default since the 3.9.0 release. A solution to this problem is to modify SiteAccessRules to allow advanced editing.

Additional content creation and import features

CSAPI function for quick object creation and publishing. In addition to the toString and fromString datatype functionality.

A function eZContentFunctions::createAndPublishObject was added to the file, kernel/classes/ezcontentfunctions.php (trunk rev. 17475).

This function allows to easily create an object, populate its attributes with data and publish the object at one node location.

The best information available apears to be in the new feature documentation in svn trunk and the source code itself.

See: ezcontentfunctions.php, ezcsvimport.php, ezcsvexport.php

Best Selling Product Fetch

There's also a new extended fetch function providing best selling product information through, 'best_sell_list' fetch function.

Kernel Error Codes

A smaller addition is the new kernel error code values now available.

Setup wizard finish custom text

Site packages can now specify custom text to be shown at the finish screen of the setup wizard (trunk rev. 17478).

Contributor / third party software / extension information

The ezinfo/about view now includes information about contributors, included third party software and the enabled extensions.

Information about contributors is extracted from the source code headers by the updatelicense.sh distribution script and assigned to the variable $contributorSettings in PHP files under var/storage/contributors.

Information about third party software is also extracted from the source code headers and assigned to the variable $thidPartySoftware in var/storage/third_party_software.php.

Extensions can now provide extension information to be displayed on the ezinfo/about view.

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