Extension information

The ezinfo/about module view is used to convey related legal information like copyright, license, contributors, extensions, third party software, etc, and is enabled by default.

Information about extensions can be added to this view by creating an ezinfo.php file in the extension's root directory.

ezinfo.php standard

  •  file path: myextension/ezinfo.php
  •  PHP class name: myextensionInfo

(the bold text represents the variable parts of the names, you should alter them for your extension)

Here's an example of the info of the ezodf extension, placed in the file extension/ezodf/ezinfo.php:

class ezodfInfo
    function info()
        return array(
            'Name' => "eZ OpenOffice.org extension",
            'Version' => "2.0.0",
            'Copyright' => "Copyright (C) 1999-2006 eZ systems AS",
            'License' => "GNU General Public License v2.0",
            'Includes the following third-party software' => array( 'Name' => 'PhpConcept Library - Zip Module',
                                                                    'Version' => '2.4',
                                                                    'License' => 'GNU/LGPL - Vincent Blavet - November 2004',
                                                                    'For more information' => '<a href=http://www.phpconcept.net>http://www.phpconcept.net</a>' )

Note that the info method is static. For PHP5 compatibility, you will have to define it as follows:

static function info()

ezinfo XML Alternative - extension.xml

You can at your option use the extension.xml file within your extension instead of the php ezinfo standard.

Here is an example of an extension.xml file


Disabling access to ezinfo/about

You can disable access to this module / view in the site.ini settings file - see eZ Publish Security for more information.

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