About: Translation

eZpedia Translation Roadmap


Automated translation of content to alternate languages.


  1. Automated Content Object Translation
  2. Supported Translations
  3. Translation Team


  1. Translation Verification Schedule Negotiations and Planning
  2. Translation team verification of resulting translations of namespace nodes.
  3. Translation team's translation verification status board (node link).
  4. Update Mirror Data Exports
  5. Translation Service - External with large language support (Google?)


  1. Create Translation(s) (eZ publish admin, cronjob and php-cli script)
  2. Remove Tranlation(s) (eZ publish admin, cronjob and php-cli script)
  3. Update Translation(s) (eZ publish admin, cronjob and php-cli script)
  4. Updated Mirror Data Export(s) (eZ publish admin, cronjob and php-cli script)
  5. Google Translation API Implementation for eZ publish as an extension
  6. eZ publish Automated Content Object Translation Extension (ezcontentobjtranslation)

Supported Translations

Target list of documentation translations which eZpedia might support based on demand and participation from the community.

Status: Currently supported

  • en_GB
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

Status: Not fully supported ... yet

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • en_US

Translation Team

Members of the international community reviewing the automated translations meet the desired criteria.

No volunteer(s) at this time


No plans at this time. Marginal, lukewarm interest or support in building and maintaining this solution.

As language support has been directly expressed we have over time added support even without a defined translation team.