Solution: Read-only site

For a general description of read-only, we recommend  Read-only on Wikipedia .


You can temporarily make your eZ publish site read-only, for example when

  •  you're moving it to another server
  •  you want to upgrade it to a new major release, but because you don't want to have a downtime you made a copy of it on which you will run the upgrade script and which will become the new "production" site

Use the following site access rule settings in settings/override/site.ini.append.php to make your site read-only. Note that this also affects the administration interface.


Depending on the functionality of your site, you can still choose to allow access to other modules and views, like user/preferences.

You may need to clear INI caches after adding these settings!

Known bugs

  •  #9953: website root / disabled although access to the content/view module is enabled (fixed in 3.9.1, 3.8.7, 3.7.10, 3.6.12)

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