Solution: Improving eZ publish Performance Optimization

This page is perhaps one of the most important to the largest number of users in the community.

Lets face it, we all run eZ publish on a wide range of hardware / software systems and configurations.

We desperately need to know just how to get the most out of the configurations we are running eZ publish within.

Performance, Reviews for eZ publish (the process / theory of breaking down the whole thing to find and address the critical bottle necs.

While I don’t have that just yet, I wanted to share this little tidbit ...

Web cacheing with a Proxy

Their are performance benifits from using a reverse proxy in front of eZ Publish.

Content view cache

eZ Publish content view cache stores the output from a node view the first time it's accessed and generated. Requests afterwards are served from the viewcache.

Disable ProcessCaching

If you add this line into your override/site.ini.append.php or siteaccess/corporate/site.ini.append.php ini file you may get a very segnificant reduction in eZ publish processing time per request (cached or uncached!)


Example of my settings in override/site.ini.append.php from a recent project