Project: attributeedit_policy


A way to limit / disable the editing of a particular class attribute of class content object(s) attributes.

Compatible with eZ publish 3.9. This is not an extension. You need to replace the kernel files.

You can now use a new policy content/attributeedit with limitations to full classes or specific attributes. You still need the content/edit policy to edit an object.

I also had some extra policy function limitations in mind:

- ObjectStatus: Draft (e.g. when the attribute can be filled in once but can never be changed), Published
- ClassGroup (maybe I'll patch the other content policies too)

- Section (like content/read)
- Subtrees (like content/read)
- Nodes (like content/read)

Note: only modified template for content/edit_attribute.tpl of the admin interface is provided.

Please use this forum topic for discussion/bug reports/comments: attributeedit_policy.

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