Platform: Solution: Using a parameter from parameter.yml in override.yml in my bundle

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How can I use a parameter from parameter.yml to specify an override match in override.yml within my bundle?


Parameters are not included in the ContainerBuilder object in prepend() method, only in the load() method.

You need to specifically set the parameters at the beginning of the prepend() method.


class SiteExtension extends Extension implements PrependExtensionInterface
  public function prepend( ContainerBuilder $container )
    // Get current environment
    $environment = $container->getParameterBag()->get('kernel.environment');
    // Generate path to parameter file
    $parameterFile = __DIR__ . '/../Resources/config/parameters_' . $environment . '.yml';
    if (!is_file($parameterFile)) {
      $parameterFile = __DIR__ . '/../Resources/config/parameters.yml';

    // Loading bundle parameters, and set them in the container object to be used in other config
    $config = Yaml::parse($parameterFile);
    foreach ($config['parameters'] as $name => $value) {
    $container->setParameter($name, $value);