Learning: eZ Publish Best Practices

Best Practices

Document External Dependencies

Write down anything and everything you may need in the future.

Name, Date, Version Number, Dependencies, Description, Details

  1. Web Server and Dependencies Configuration
  2. eZ publish Configuration
  3. eZ publish cache / static / proxy server Configuration
  4. 3rd Party Software Configuration
  5. Operating System Configuration
  6. Server Network Configuration - IP Addresses*

Backing up eZ publish

Always keep a complete backup of everything which makes up your eZ publish installation (database, var dir, settings, extensions, etc)!

eZ publish in production! A look at backup best practices.

  1. Disable Hosting of Installation
  2. Clear cache (Important)
  3. Dump Database to .sql file
  4. Copy eZ publish installation Directory
  5. Package Database Dump and eZ publish installation in dated (in file name) directory

Using Subversion to maintain eZ publish

This path is often preferred as it gives maximum control to merge development into an existing site with only minor conflicts.

'Missing Directory Structure Example #1'

'Missing Directory Structure Example #2'