The eZ Song


The eZ Song is a song shared and sung within the community of eZ Publish a PHP/CMS/CMF.

The original song title is "The Sharing Song" and the original song author is Jack Johnson

Alternate names the song is also known

  • The eZ Song
  • The eZ Publish Song
  • The eZ Sharing Song
  • The eZ Publish Sharing Song
  • Sharing Song
  • The Sharing Song
  • Jack Johnson - The Sharing Song
  • It's Always More Fun
  • It's Always More Fun to Share
  • It's Always More Fun to Share with Everyone


The song has been with us for a long time so far ...

It is shared among the ecosystem and community

The song is seemingly not advertised per-say or referenced so much on the internet itself.

When it is mentioned it is often in passing and in text form alone.

Any search engine will surely bring these references to your attention and understanding should your seek them out after learning of this wonderful song and hearing it for the first time.


  • The song is often sung in groups
  • The song has a special meaning for us all
  • The song is an enjoyable reminder of our lives

Experiencing the song for yourself

Some have trouble finding a copy of the song to listen to so we did a few searches and wrote this article to help improve this situation for our friends in the community looking to learn more about The eZ Song and to hear it (perhaps for the first time privately).

Listening to the song

Some people really enjoy listening to the song (and we would not be surprised to learn of many people singing the song to themselves privately at the same time).

Lyrics of the song

Some people enjoy reading the lyrics while they listen to the song.