How to enable large file upload support

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Web applications basically must usually be configured to support large file uploads as well as web servers.

I can't begin to remember to forget the first time I configured eZ Publish v1.x and Apache 1.x to support large file uploads.


Here is an example solution


It sounds like you want to optimize your web server and php configurations together to avoid this error.

  1. Evaluation: Which version of apache are you running?
    1. Apache 1.3.x
    • This sounds strikingly similar to an apache 1.3 (large file upload) configuration issue I've learned to avoid over the years. set LimitRequestBody to an int (file size in bytes) value larger than your largest file.
    • I found I often needed this apache settings change along with the php settings changes to enable large file uploads with apache 1.3
    • Based on the size of the file being uploaded. Consider raising the values of the post_max_size to a larger value than the file being uploaded, as well as the value of max_input_time and max_execution_time beyond the amount of time required to complete the upload of the file.
  2. eZ 4.x, Edit ... to enable large file support withing web application.
    1. Example missing. Must not be required (per say)
  3. PHP 5.x, Edit relevant php.ini configuration values
  4. Clear eZ Caches and Restart Apache services