eZ publish 3.10

Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes, a new flag icon and an updated package system.


  • Added Bulgarian flag
  • Improved enchancement #10023: add only one row into ezmatrix (Merged from stable/3.9 (3.9.1) rev.19021)


  • Added port option for shell database schema scripts.


  • Added 'status' parameter to 'object_list' and 'object_list_count' fetch functions of 'section' module.

Package System

  • Command line package tool 'ezpm.php' updated:
    • 'list', 'import', 'install' command have been changed to match admin interface functionality.
  • Implemented suggestion #010001: 'ezinstallscript' and 'ezextension' items are supported by 'add' command.
  • Implemented suggestion : Allow ezpm to set vendor.


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