Improvements to ezpedia interface

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Gaetano Giunta

Saturday 14 November 2009 5:29:48 am - Improvements to ezpedia interface

First of all thanks for the discussions - a great improvement!
Second, I hope this is the correct place for this post, sorry if I got it wrong.

In the spirit of community-fueled improvement - much as what is happening with - I'm writing down my wish list for the interface of eZPedia.

1. Remove usage of the term 'namespaces' and replace it with something else, which applies more commonly to content, such as 'categories'

2. implement a serious content structure for articles, not just a 1-level deep thing.

3. And since no taxonomy is perfect, just use one taxonomy as main navigation and add tags to provide cross navigation

4. Regardless of acceptance of the multi-level tree structure, it would be good if every 'namespace' had an introductory chapter in its main page that explained what it was meant for. As an alternative, such a menu with short explanations could be added in the homepage

5. Left column: merge the 'this article' and 'object id' info boxes

6. Top bar: remove 'printable' link and move it to 'this article' box, as it is an action that operates on current article

7. Top bar: remove 'users' link and move it to 'namespaces' or within namespace 'people', since it is not an action relating to current user profile (nor to current object)

8. Top bar: 'change profile' link should also be moved to 'this article' box, since it is an action operating on current article; It should be renamed too, as it somehaow relates to a user-profile rather than an article profile

This way actions will be grouped:
- top menu: user profile
- 'this object' box in the left col: actions on current obj

9. Move languages icons to top of page - it's just too uncommon to have them at bottom of left menu

10. namespace menu: separate those that are real categories from those that are meta-categories (new, updated, discussion)

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