A datatype is the smallest possible entity of storage. It determines how a specific type of information should be validated, stored, retrieved, formatted and so on. eZ publish comes with a collection of fundamental datatypes that can be used to build powerful and complex content structures.

Included by default

The following datatypes are included with eZ publish:

  • Authors
  • Checkbox
  • Country
  • Date
  • Date and time
  • E-mail
  • Enum
  • File
  • Float
  • Identifier
  • Image
  • Integer
  • ISBN
  • Keywords
  • Matrix
  • Media
  • Multi-option
  • Multi-price
  • Object relation
  • Object relations
  • Option
  • Price
  • Product category
  • Range option
  • Selection
  • Subtree subscription
  • Text block
  • Text line
  • Time
  • URL
  • User account
  • XML block


In addition, it is possible to extend the system by creating custom datatypes for special needs. Custom datatypes have to be programmed in PHP. However, the built in datatypes are usually sufficient enough for typical scenarios. The following table gives an overview of the most basic datatypes that come with eZ publish.

The following datatypes are provided by extensions: