Minutes: BarCamp 2007.06.10 Meeting Minutes

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These are the minutes of the eZ publish Developer Workshop and Barcamp on Saturday June 9th.

- PHP5Port Testing and Promotion
- eZpedia Mirror (How to prevent local mirror problems syncing changes back into master mirror... content modifications ...difficult to implement
- How to encourage adoption and testing without incurring future risk ..
- PHP5: Test Plan (community, example, ?), Document what has been testied (Selenium / PHPUnit)
- eZ Build steps (ini settings, license and external repos, tests and checks) to build distribution
- Q2me: Do you want to run dev version of php5/eZ 4.0 build for testing
- Demo: Template comparison / comparetime.php (published soon for testing, distributed via usb key during meeting session)
- Selenium (ff ext) testing (user) ... later phpunit/php
- Email vs RSS for global notifications for eZpedia like on projects.ez.no
- Missing eZ HackFest (in 2007)
- Quality of code review for projects.ez.no (re: coding standards, style, certification/aproval) in place check rather than barrier to submission

- Issue Tracker (wit), Need of a test license for community, needs for eZpedia and project.ez.no
- Components projects to add to project.ez.no
- Component Types, tagging (in future) consideration of using eZSolr (upon it's future release)
- OE / svn.ez.no that into project.ez.no
- CLA needs for project.ez.no as part of key processes to ensure proper accounting of contributors
- List of CLA (online/offline) for all
- Starter migrating one project from svn.ez.no (which one?)
- What will be first ext to move / link into projects (eZaprove2, eZNewsletter, OE, ?)
- Using eZAprove2 for faster approval (group approval) and / or existing users 'reputation' approval
- Using eZ Newsletter for monthly mailings to users of project.ez.no
- Project of the Month; New / Updated (Activity); Hot Project forum topics (by # of posts or project stars/reviews)
- Migration of (ALL) existing contributions into project.ez.no
- Deprecation / redirection of requests to ez.no/community/contrib* to project.ez.no
- Dealing with (unmaintained/non-function/broken/deprecated) contributions; Idea all contribs are deprecated flagged or tagged until maintainers or others change this; This solves the problem without removing history. Loosing History vs being encumbered by it ... Asking whole community via medium x to address state of contribs..
- New user press / howto article (via email upon signup) like sf.net
- Email welcome package (text) via email to new users like sf.net
- How to write an extension article (re: extension builder)
- Designs and site packages are allowed on project.ez.no
- Most Wanted, Suggestions, Wishlists (with open funding)
- Translation Packages ... ?
- Collaboration Guide and Article
- Start eZSnippets project (one or two; php / tpl / other) on project.ez.no
- Increased focus on specification creation / hosting, possible partner (focus/support), we need more examples
- Developer guidelines / kinda stale and not seen by users (buried on ez.no) and network guidelines (large strong pdf, not known to most)
- Toggle / Tag certified extensions
- Project Leaders responsible for open funding start*
- Harmonia -> Interest in integration into stock distribution
- Distribute; packages of packages simplify "builds"
- eZ Solr Presentation (Slides hosted at ...'email paul')
- Lighttpd Discussion, Benefits, Usable Now, Performance Improvements, Problems with needing to replace apache mod_rewrite rules with lighttpd rewrite rules (only slightly different)
- FCGI Specific issues (implementation/platform specific) identified ...
- "PhP5 Port + lighttpd + varnish" == strong performance gains possible :)
- BC: Google Analytics Demo; comments on use of body onload usage by xavier
- OpenSearch: Plugins; great to find information; many available